by Guttwrench

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released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Guttwrench Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Florida
Duval Fight metal

Vocals: Doza
Drums: Hoey
Guitar: Drew
Guitar: Justin
Bass: Parker

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Track Name: Die Slow
Set fire to the world
This life is empty and cold
Your vice has chained my soul
leave me to burn and die slow
Track Name: Wicked Thoughts
There is no good left inside of me
My only hope is to be set free
From the burden of my mistakes
Weigh me down. Wait for me to break

There is no escape
No release from the pain
There is no where to run
When I'm trapped this cage
No blood in my veins
my heart is in chains
Get me out of this world of hate

Save me from my wicked thoughts
My mind is gone, my body rots
Sava e me from my wicked thoughts
My mind is gone, my world corrupt.
Track Name: Choke
You won't get far; A life in the dark
When only rage is fucking clear
This world is a living hell
I find no peace within myself
Only pain in my reality
Blind to hate and toxicity

I want to watch you choke.
Just bleed, We've watched you choke on the poison you breathe
Track Name: Fracture
Do I reflect, only my worst
I'll give my best
but be the first to burn
Broken and torn
face first on the floor
Every time I fix myself
You seem to walk out the door
My body cripled by hate
I feel it in my bones
And carry the weight
Turn around stare death in the face
And see all the sins I'll never earase
From sins that I will never erase
Break my bones and release my soul

My demons won't leave me be
Left alone
where no one can hear me sceam
If I die in the cold will my voice be heard
Will anyone speak a fucking word
Darkness rules my mind
I'm trapped inside
There's no where to hide
But how can I fight what I cannot see
When this hate leaves me blind
And I find no release.
A life of agony break my bones
Set me free